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Meets 60 minute fire and smoke rating.


SECURES the threshold gap, STOPS unauthorised entry.


Matches door rating up to Rw/STC 52dB.


Provides sustainable control of draught / energy loss.

Introducing the

PDB Drop Seal

  • Only complete solution for sound, fire, smoke, energy and security
  • A market first > full aluminium sealing bar for complete protection
  • Operates off globally patented arm-controlled mechanism
  • Only requires a low door closing force
  • Easy to install & aesthetically pleasing

PDB Door Seals are a UK drop seal manufacturer.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand the integral role a drop seal plays within the built environment. They are a fundamental part of all door sets, supporting the door panel performance. They are also the only successful and sustainable method to seal the variable threshold gap at the bottom of every door.

We also understand the current problem with the drop seal market, namely the complexities of purchasing the correct, fit for purpose, drop seal.

The drop seal market is congested, with customers having to navigate a wide and confusing range of options all offering a solution to one problem – to plug the threshold gap at the bottom of a door.

That’s where we come in – the PBD drop seal offers an all-in-one solution. It has both a mortised or surface mounted application for all door types and is easy to install. It features a patented high efficiency arm controlled mechanism that is fully compliant with UK and International Standards and Codes.

The next generation of drop seal

The PDB is the only drop seal to offer a full aluminium sealing bar that covers the entirety of the threshold gap.  We are only able to do this due to our globally patented arm-controlled mechanism. 


Combined, these two new innovations provide clients with a market leading, all-in-one drop seal solution. 


Internationally patented arm-controlled mechanism which enables us to use an innovative full aluminium sealing bar.

Best in Class

Laboratory and extensively field tested in international markets. Fully compliant with UK and International Standards and Codes.

All in One

A globally patented, all in one, sealed in place solution for all door bottom openings.

7 Year Warranty

Spread the Cost

Patented Design

Made in Britain

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Think you know door seals?
Think again!

The PDB automatic door bottom seal. Innovative, durable and globally patented. A truly all in one, sealed in place solution for doors openings.

Market tested & recognised as providing superior acoustic, sustainability, flood prevention & security performance of all door openings. Applicable across all door applications; any size; any sector.