PDB 411M – Mortised Drop Seal


The Next Generation Drop Seal.

  Sound reduction index 52db
  Fire & smoke tested to 60 minutes
  Unique security benefit
  Robust barrier against heat loss, light ingress and pests.
  Data Sheet

Available 300 mm to 1800 mm. For lengths and quantities not listed please contact us for more details.


Advanced Drop Seal Technology

The PDB 411M has redefined the performance criteria of drop seals. It is the only all-in-one drop seal to guarantee a complete door bottom sealing solution for acoustic, fire, smoke, unwanted energy transfer, security and pest control. Adopting new patented technology, the PDB 411M has advanced from the traditional flat spring system to exclusively offer:

–     A new arm-controlled mechanism.
–     A full aluminium drop bar, which covers the entirety of the threshold gap.

The results? An unrivalled threshold sealing solution for all doors, applicable across all sectors.

The PDB 411M is a slimline, concealed drop seal that is mortised into the underside of the door panel.  It meets all UK and European test standards and provides a sealed in place solution for threshold gaps up to 15mm.  It can be installed on all timber composition doors ranging in size from 300mm – 1800mm.  Due to its design, it is easy to install and requires no threshold plate.