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Our Approach

We aim to simplify the confusion and technical complexity of purchasing a drop seal.

HOW? By offering an all-in-one, best in class, drop seal solution.

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Experience. Innovation. Problem Solving.

Our starting point: How can we help customers solve the problematic gap at the bottom of every door whilst simplifying the decision-making process of buying a drop seal?

Our solution: Combining years of experience with the latest technology to offer customers a best in class, single solution for all door bottoms.

Traditional drop seal technology has changed very little since the introduction of the flat spring mechanism in the 1970s – until now. We believed it was time for change. We wanted to offer customers a single, high-performing, durable drop seal that provided a complete door bottom sealing solution for fire/smoke, acoustic, security, thermal (energy) and pest control. Crucially, we wanted it to be suitable for any door.

Customer-led approach

We started by asking three critical questions:

  1. Is there an opportunity to advance drop seal technology from the traditional flat spring mechanism applied since the 1970s?
  2. Is there, through innovation, a single solution applicable to all doors?
  3. With dozens of essentially the same drop seal trying to solve one issue, can we make our customers’ decision-making process easier?

With the PDB drop seal, we can now proudly answer YES.

A new market leader

Following extensive research and development, and rigorous industry testing, we have successfully patented, designed and manufactured a high performing drop seal alternative to the traditional flat spring mechanism.

The PDB drop seal incorporates the award-winning, internationally patented, PDB arm controlled mechanism. This enables us to do what our competitors can’t do; incorporate a full aluminium sealing bar that seals the entirety of the door bottom gap.  Our drop seals provide an all-in-one, single seal solution that can be used across all door sets.


As a UK door seal manufacturer employing our own globally patented technology, we think long term. We continue to innovate and evolve and work hard to do what is best for our customers.

Manufactured exclusively in the UK, we are striving to be a market leader in drop seals.

Our ambition is to become the first choice for customers looking for a best in class, complete door sealing solution.


We strive to understand the drop seal customer needs. With over 30 years of industry experience, we understand the importance of drop seals and what they need to offer the customer: reliable performance; durability; and provide a cost-effective solution.


Door seals have formed a key component of door sets since 1928. The current flat spring mechanism drop seal has been in use since the 1970s. At PDB we knew it was time for change. We have now successfully designed and globally patented an innovative arm controlled mechanism. A world-first for the market.

Problem Solving.

The PDB is the only all-in-one drop seal solution. It provides the highest quality door bottom sealing system for acoustic, fire/smoke, thermal (energy efficiency), pest control and security. It is easy to install and durable and provides unrivalled performance.

PDB Drop Seal Journey

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Think you know door seals?
Think again!

The PDB automatic door bottom seal. Innovative, durable and globally patented. A truly all in one, sealed in place solution for doors openings.

Market tested & recognised as providing superior acoustic, sustainability, flood prevention & security performance of all door openings. Applicable across all door applications; any size; any sector.