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Our sustainability goal is to harness the advances in building technologies that aim to minimise the carbon footprint of the built environment.

Doors have a role to play in energy conservation and the prevention of energy loss. Our view is that every little helps, and we want the PDB drop seal to play its part.


Energy transfer via doorways is a leading contributor to a building’s energy consumption. The PDB ‘sealed in place’ design helps optimise a building’s internal energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions.

The PDB design proactively reduces heat/cold transfer between rooms by minimising draughts and air leakage. This ensures greater energy efficiency and contributes to lowering energy consumption.


Sustainability is considered at every stage of production.

  • All PDB drop seal components are made from recyclable materials
  • The main packaging is FSC accredited
  • Paper assembly instructions have been removed and replaced with a QR code to minimise site waste.


We drive sustainability through product performance.

The PDB drop seal has a proven track record of longevity of use and operation. Due to its reliability, durability and ease of maintenance, the PDB drop seal outlasts traditional seal systems. This results in less material use and minimises product replacement.

Any questions about Sustainability? Contact us.

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Think you know door seals?
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The PDB automatic door bottom seal. Innovative, durable and globally patented. A truly all in one, sealed in place solution for doors openings.

Market tested & recognised as providing superior acoustic, sustainability, flood prevention & security performance of all door openings. Applicable across all door applications; any size; any sector.